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FileMaker crashes

Question asked by SteveKeiser on Jul 24, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2017 by TSGal

I have a documents module in my FileMaker database. When users go from the list view of documents to the detail view, FileMaker often crashes for certain users. In that detail view there is a large container field set to interactive content to view pdf documents. The way I have handled the users who crash is to script them to a different layout with the pdf container set to non-interactive. This has worked to minimize the crashes better than anything else (having them uninstall Adobe Reader and reinstall, uninstall and reinstall FileMaker, etc., etc.). We are all using FileMakerPro 16 on a hosted file with FileMaker 15 Server. To my knowledge, the only people having this problem are using Macs.


Here is my question: I am thinking about just abandoning the interactive content containers throughout the database. Since a screenshot shows, I am concerned that since my users are used to seeing the whole document instead of a screenshot of the first page, they will think they are seeing the whole document, and miss pages 2 and onward. Is there a way for me to determine the number of pdf pages, so I can create some type of interface element that warns them they are not seeing the whole document?