Error codes when accessing FMS via launch file

Discussion created by psijmons on Jul 24, 2017
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We deploy a vertical solution where each client runs a small Launcher from their desktop machine. The launcher has an IP nr or server name hardcoded to make connection to FMServer on their LAN and sends the username / hashed pw to the main solution.


I can catch several errors which I can deal with in a user friendly way, but there are 2 scenario's where connection to the server fails and there is no error coming back:


• the number of FLT users is exceeded

• this is a first time opening and the server does not have a certificate. The window to check that the server should be Trusted does not popup.

In both situations, access is stopped very early in the process and FMS is not reached (nothing in the log).



This may be due to the fact that the default FileMaker opening window is bypassed to connect to host when using a launcher file, but it would be decent if one could capture errors in the > 1600 range so that the user can be properly informed.


Or is there some other way to capture this behaviour?