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phone goes to sleep during mass import

Question asked by sivagurS on Jul 24, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2017 by monkeybreadsoftware

Hi all


I have an application in FM Go, where when the user opens the Filemaker DB, I run a script that does mass import,

over 800,000 records from the Server  to the local file in different tables.

This takes ages in FM Go, and also the phone goes to sleep, with the new iphones we cannot turn the Auto-lock feature off and the maximum time for Auto-lock is only 5 minutes.


I would prefer to keep the phone screen active through the complete import process, something similar to playing a video and keep it active until the import finishes, so the user can start the import and walk away and come back after hours to find the data completely imported.


This mass data import happens only once. We do this for initial DB Deployment.

We are importing data from ESS tables from the server file to Local tables. For business needs we need to keep the File running locally on the iphone.


Any advice