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Problem filling in portal values through script

Question asked by kelwinwu on Jul 25, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2017 by fitch

I have a portal that represents data from both the "Building" table and "Building_address" table
The building table is related to the address table, which is named Building_address.


I am trying to write a script to import data into the portal. My issue is that the portal fields contain information from 2 different tables, Building and Building_address. I'm not sure if that is my issue however.


This is the part of the script that I'm having problems with


Go to Object [ Object Name: "buildingPortal"]
Go to Portal Row [Select: On; Last]

Set Field[ Building_contact_company::Type ; $Type]
Set Field[ Building_contact_company::RBA ; $RBA]
Set Field[ Address_Building_contact_company ; $Address]


For some strange reason, set field works for all the fields that are in building_contact_company but not address_building_contact_company.

All my variables are assigned correctly and I am traversing through my portal rows correctly as well.


Does anyone have any idea what my problem is? Or can they recommend a different approach to filling in the portal rows?