Find non-duplicates of related records

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I have 2 tables


TABLE1         related to                                                                     TABLE2                                         

NAME1.a                NAME1                                                                NAME1.a                NAME1              ID1

                                                                                                            NAME1.a                NAME1              ID2

                                                                                                            NAME1.a                NAME1              ID3

                                                                                                            NAME1.a                NAME1              ID4


NAME1.b                NAME1                                                                NAME1.b                NAME1              ID1

                                                                                                            NAME1.b                NAME1              ID2

                                                                                                            NAME1.b                NAME1              ID5

                                                                                                            NAME1.b                NAME1              ID6

                                                                                                            NAME1.b                NAME1              ID8

                                                                                                            NAME1.b                NAME1              ID9


NAME1.c                NAME1                                                                NAME1.c                NAME1              ID1

                                                                                                            NAME1.c                NAME1              ID2

                                                                                                            NAME1.c                NAME1              ID3

                                                                                                            NAME1.c                NAME1              ID4



'NAME1.a' field in TABLE1 is related to 'NAME1.a' field in TABLE2 etc.

The first qualifier e.g. NAME1 is stored in a second field in both tables.

I want to find out based on NAME1 field (not NAME.a,b,c etc) which related sets are not identical.  In this case that would be 'NAME1.b' would not be identical. All tables have unique values apart from 'NAME1'


what is the smartest way to obtain the desired result telling that NAME1.b is not equal ?