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Set default application to FM13 on Windows

Question asked by janetschutte on Jul 26, 2017
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I am getting ready to upgrade a group of clients from Filemaker Pro/Server 13 to Filemaker Pro/Server 16. All clients are on the Windows platform. I'd like to have FM Pro 16 installed on their machines ahead of the cutover date. The issue I'm currently having is as soon as v16 is installed, it becomes the default application for all .fmp12 files. I've tried to reset the default application to FM 13 without success. I've tried multiple ways to reset this - from an individual file, and from the Control Panel for Default Programs/Associate file type. For these methods, even though I "Browse" and navigate to the location of the FM 13 application, select it, then click Open, the 13 application is not selected and 16 remains as the default.


I have been testing under Windows 7 and the only method I've found to open a file with FM13 after installing FM 16, is to first directly open the Filemaker Pro 13 application, then do a File Open from the menu to open the desired file. My preference here is to temporarily make FM 13 the default application, so clients can continue to double-click an opener file as they are accustomed, to proceed with their daily work on FM 13, until the cutover date. Is this possible?