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I am looking to find if a date in one table is a public holiday via another table

Question asked by arnojansen1 on Jul 26, 2017
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I need a little help. I have two related tables


table 1  has primary key, date field, name of the date field. For instance: PK1, 26/12/17, Boxing Day


table 2 has a date field (and many others) this date field can be any date during the year.


They are related via primary key and foreign key.


Now if i type in a date in table 2 that matches a date in in table 1 I would like to see the name of the date field

So in table 2 I type in 26/12/17 and would like to see Boxing Day etc etc.


probably easy but I am not seeing the solution right now.


In Excel i would use a VLookup but don't know the equivalent in FM.


Working on MAC with Filemaker Pro advanced 14.


Cheers thanks for your help as always.