Web Viewer not working

Discussion created by roryduffy on Jul 26, 2017
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I'm trying to implement a web viewer.


I've selected "Custom Web Address"


For the Web Address, I've just specified a standard text field:

${0051_5152_0052_5253_0053_5331_0031_3181_0081_8112_0012}::B0103 Details 07 Contact 07 Web 1


And checked all 5 options:

√ Allow interaction with web viewer content

√ Display content in Find mode

√ Display progress bar

√ Display status messages

√ Automatically encode URL


But no matter which record I scroll to, all I'm getting is a white box; the website doesn't load.


I've tried on Filemaker Pro v14 and v15. This has never been an issue before.