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PortalTool mark cells with equal value in different color

Question asked by firebase on Jul 26, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2017 by fitch

I have a Portal that shows me price offers from dealers. So I did sort after price and item_nr.


So that looks like this


Dealer     Item     Nr      Price

D1          ABC     123     8,2

D2          ABC     123     9,5

D3          ABC     123     10,2

D1          DEF     234     8

D2          DEF     234     11

D3          DEF     234     12


Now I want to mark euqal items with a Color (in this example red and blue).

Its clear that I use ConditionalFormating, but how can I programm it so that it uses dynmaically colors for each bunch of same items.

I could use for example 20 different entrys in the ConditionalFormating calculation but what if I have 21 different products.

Thats just not really elegant.


Any workarround?


Also one question about sorting.


I never get the exakt sorting as in the table abouve. Eeven i use the Price as first entry in the sorting option, but then the 4. Line would be on place second. or i use the ItemNr and then its not sorting the Prives right.