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    How to insert Variables from a Table into a calculation?


      I am using the great MBS Plug-in.


      One function for external SQL DBs is


          MBS("SQL.SetParamValues"; $Command; $Var1 ; Var2 ; $Var3 )


      to Insert Parameter into SQL requests with MBS Plug-in like


          MBS("SQL.NewCommand"; $Connection; "INSERT INTO table (:1,:2,:3) VALUES ")


      Now I have a several very long tables with about 250+ fields in an external DB.


      I would like to map the field translations of insert and selects (to/from) to the external DBS with a FM Table.


      So instead of real live Variables i would likt to insert Values from a Table with FM SQl Select


          $Var = ExecuteSQL ("SELECT Values FROM SQL " ;"";"")

          $Values = ExecuteSQL ("SELECT Values FROM SQL " ;"";"")

          MBS("SQL.SetParamValues"; $Command; $Var)

          MBS("SQL.NewCommand"; $Connection; "INSERT INTO table ("&$Values&") VALUES ")