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Integration with Visualsoft

Question asked by k-meson on Jul 27, 2017

I'm building a front end dashboard system for one of my customers to help them get a better grip on their sales processing. They need the system to talk to their Website to exchange information on customers and particularly orders and product stock.

They are using Visualsoft for their online store and having spent an afternoon looking at their API options for data exchange they only have SOAP or XML polled files via FTP as options.

I usually live entirely inside FileMaker so an integration like this is a bit daunting. I'm looking for a dummies guide, or someone with SOAP and XML experience who is prepared to hold my hand a bit.

Can anyone point me at a simple to understand guide or talk to me about assisting with the integration part of the project? I will probably need to adjust my project cost estimates to take account of this unexpected level of complexity, so should have room to incorporate some expert help.

If anyone has worked with Visualsoft before that would also be useful - as they do not appear to be particularly helpful.

Me and client both based SW Greater London.