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Style Theme broken

Question asked by Jean-Francois on Jul 26, 2017



I have an issue with one style in a custom theme that I made. Same problem FMA14 FMA16 on Win7


The style is for portal and it applies to many place in many layout, so deleting it will require to return everywhere to re-apply the new one.


My problem is with the location of object inside that portal. I never user grid or snap to grid and only use "pt" for ruler mesure.


When I move objet (existing or new one) inside portal that have this specific style, object move with keyboard arrow will move 1pt at a time, if I use the mouse to drag, 10.00 pt will snap to 10.25 and stay on 1/4 pt for now on, until I edit manually the coordinate.


I have no clue why this style have that behavior and how to fix it, I don't see any parameters that can be edited and this affect any object, button, field that I move in that portal.


Here's the video capture of my screen


Any help will be appreciate.