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Best database strategy for remote locations

Question asked by nscheffey on Jul 26, 2017
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We currently have a sales quoting system built in FileMaker that's part of a larger custom ERP. Our database is hosted at our headquarters in NYC, and our salespeople at showrooms around the world access it by VNCing into a local computer in NYC and running the FM client from there. This is to minimize latency, since the database is very old and inefficient (tables with hundreds of fields) causing it to be unusably slow at latencies over 30ms. Obviously this is not an ideal situation so we are looking to rewrite the quoting system using modern technologies and practices.


My question is what strategy to use for the architecture of the new system. Options include:


  • FM Pro clients connecting directly to FM Server. Maybe we can rewrite the database to be efficient enough to be usable at the latencies in our most remote showrooms (100ms). With optimized schema architecture, leveraging PSOS for complex reporting, clean simple layouts, etc. is this achievable?
  • Local FMP files on user machines at remote locations that sync to our FileMaker Server at headquarters. Probably using a sync framework like GoZync, Mirror Sync etc. Eliminates latency issues but introduces sync issues.
  • WebDirect. Is this affected by latency to server?
  • Server to Server sync, with FMS instances located close enough to each showroom to minimize latency, and then kept in sync with something like Linear Blue SyncServer.
  • Application virtualization using something like Citrix XenApp. Would be a transition for our Mac based users to Windows but if its the best option we are open to it.


I'd like to know what people have had success with. The FM platform has made a lot of great advances very recently, so I want to make sure we are using the best software development strategy we can. What would FileMaker Inc. recommend we do?


Thanks in advance for any feedback, very appreciated!