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WebViewers in WebDirect.

Question asked by on Jul 27, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 27, 2018 by ibrahim_bittar

Hello Community,


I been having some problems with getting WebViewers to work in WebDirect. I have developed my own small PHP applicaiton and would like to view it on the WebDirect. The WebViewer which show the application works fine in the FileMaker Pro but in the WebDirect, i just see an blank WebViewer.


I did a lot of research and used <iframes>, that did not work either. On the FileMaker documentations it says "some pages may not work because of the security features added by authors"; but in this case I didn't add any security features.


I also tried some viewing website; again it works in FileMaker pro but does not work in WebDirect.


Isit even possible to view a WebViewer in WebDirect.


The Application I would like to view has some HTML and PHP code. nothing very complex.


Many Thanks in Advance