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    CSV Import Issue


      I have a Filemaker Database with several tables. Two of the tables have similar fields. When I attempt to upload the CSV in table 1, works like a charm. When I attempt to upload the same CSV file in table 2 (have made sure that the fields match up exactly the same), it gets jacked up. Its almost like the it doesn't recognize that its a CSV and dumps everything in the first column.

      Thanks for any help anyone can provide - its got me stumped.

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          not trying to judge, but  why two tables with similar fields?      But ot answer your question it sounds like the second import isnt being read as a CSV file and therefore is not using the "," as a field separator.  Double check the second import script options and verify??


            whatever the case   One option to solve some of the headache is to import the CVS one time into a staging table, then import the records into their final destination tables from that stage table?  The stage table then can be used to clean up the data by  modify, add populate ID fields, delete bad lines or headers, etc... prior to final "import" to the destination table