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WhastApp restapi

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API Host

All REST API endpoints are hosted on

If you prefer https, you can use




Common HTTP header

You should include the following HTTP header in your call to any one of the endpoints:

  • Content-Type: application/json





You authenticate yourself against the API server with your Client ID and Client Secret. You obtain them by subscribing to a Premium plan of the service you intend to use.

They are carried in these HTTP headers: X-WM-CLIENT-ID and X-WM-CLIENT-SECRET.



X-WM-CLIENT-SECRET: 53654f8ee3684a37201e3c90a071dbd7




WhatsApp Gateway Endpoints

  1. 1. Check the status of the WhatsApp gateway
  • Endpoint: GET /v1/gateway/status
  • Parameters required: None
  • Response: Json containing the following property:

o    status: Either “up” or “down”

  1. 2. Send a WhatsApp message to a single recipient
  • Endpoint: POST /v2/whatsapp/single/message/{instance_number}
  • Parameter required in URL:

o    instance_number: Possible value: 2

  • Parameters required in JSON payload:

o    number: String. The phone number of the recipient including the country code. No “+” sign is needed.

o    message: String. The text message that you want to send.

  • Response:

o    { 'status': 'queued'}