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    WhastApp restapi


      how to script next info into fmp



      API Host

      All REST API endpoints are hosted on http://api.whatsmate.net/.

      If you prefer https, you can use https://api.whatsmate.net/.




      Common HTTP header

      You should include the following HTTP header in your call to any one of the endpoints:

      • Content-Type: application/json





      You authenticate yourself against the API server with your Client ID and Client Secret. You obtain them by subscribing to a Premium plan of the service you intend to use.

      They are carried in these HTTP headers: X-WM-CLIENT-ID and X-WM-CLIENT-SECRET.


      X-WM-CLIENT-ID: elsa@example.com

      X-WM-CLIENT-SECRET: 53654f8ee3684a37201e3c90a071dbd7




      WhatsApp Gateway Endpoints

      1. 1. Check the status of the WhatsApp gateway
      • Endpoint: GET /v1/gateway/status
      • Parameters required: None
      • Response: Json containing the following property:

      o    status: Either “up” or “down”

      1. 2. Send a WhatsApp message to a single recipient
      • Endpoint: POST /v2/whatsapp/single/message/{instance_number}
      • Parameter required in URL:

      o    instance_number: Possible value: 2

      • Parameters required in JSON payload:

      o    number: String. The phone number of the recipient including the country code. No “+” sign is needed.

      o    message: String. The text message that you want to send.

      • Response:

      o    { 'status': 'queued'}