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FM 16 Upgrade - Certificate error

Question asked by dryan on Jul 27, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2017 by cranstonit

I upgraded to FM 16 and on the client I keep getting a message that" FM Pro can't verify the identity of the IP number".  When I view the certificate the first level says the certificate is valid.  The second level down it says "this certificate is not valid (host name mismatch)".  Initially, I was unable to export back in the key files from the CSStore folder I exported from the FM14 server as the instructions said to.  I started the process from the beginning, and still was unable to upload.  I called FM support (first guy I spoke to was great) they said I needed to re-key the certificate.  So I made the request in FM then logged into GoDaddy and requested a rekey.  It didn't work.  I called FM support back w/case number - other guy not so patient - actually pretty condesending.  Was told to go through the process all over again, which I did for a seond time.  I am still getting the client message.  The only difference I see is the certificate has the host name in all lower cases.  The client sees everything in all upper case.  Before I go down this rabbit hole again, does anyone know if the certificate setup in filemaker is syntax sensitive?