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    Field based pop up menu refresh




      A have a table (base) were a made de inclusion of a item and his arguments.


      I another table i select the item in the base table in a pop up menu filed.


      The problem that Im getting nuts is if I need to change the name of the item in the base table, the pop um menu list works fine. But the filed that is based on the pop up menu does not update. I have to open the pop up menu and do it by hand.


      How can i made this run  automatic ?


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          Use a two field value list. Make field 1 an ID number or UUID. Make field two your name field. Now you can change the name as needed as long as you never change the ID field value. You can use either a po pup menu that only shows the second field or you can use a drop down list field along with the name field from the table of values to show the name.


          This works because you never put the name anywhere but in that one name field in one record of the values table and simply link to it via value list or relationship.