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    Automatically Build Table Unique Values


      I have a table of names, many are duplicates but it is frequently updated. Is there a way in Filemaker to make a table of unique names, and as new names are added refresh the table to sort of speak. Or alternatively build a table based on a value list which will only show unique records and select the most recent?

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          Jason Wood

          There certainly would be a way to do what you describe but it would be helpful to know your reasons for doing this as it would likely affect the method or even redirect to an entirely different solution to solve the actual problem.

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            You can specify unique values on the name field. On the other hand value lists based on a field automatically omit duplicates.


            Other useful facts:


            if you specify unique values and validate always, you can import data into the table and duplicates are omitted during import.


            Import records with the match found set option can be set up so that only unique names add a new record.


            In similar fashion a self join on a name field can be set up such that only new names create a new record.