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Dynamic Charting Labels not working

Question asked by dantrue on Jul 27, 2017
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Pretty new to Filemaker, but I am working on a line chart with predefined data series to show change in value of several cell markers over time. There are too many to display all of them, so I used this tutorial to create a chart in which the user can select which data points to display in the chart. Since the series labels are fixed, I created a text Field, CDNames, that concatenates the labels from different fields in the same record with a semicolon and carriage return between each one and is has the data auto-entered. I also created a calculated field CDPercentageList which is almost the same, but with the data points concatenated by calculation.


It should look like this:

For Record 1, CDNames = "CD45+; ¶ CD19+;......CD56+;"

and CDPercentageList = CD45 & ";¶" & CD19 & ";¶"..... & CD56


The checkboxes are in a checkbox set with Values from CDNames


The chart data is selected with DataTable::WeeksPostTransfer.

The first series name is selected with GetValue (DataTable::CDNames; 1)

And in each subsequent series the number is replaced with the index matching the data pont.

The first series data is selected with

Let ([nRow = 1;

$item = GetValue (DataTable::CDNames; nRow )];


If ( not IsEmpty ($item);

GetValue ( DataTable::CDPercentageList; nRow)




The data points display fine, but the first series shown uses the data points from Series 1 with the labels from all of them, and it cannot be unselected. The other data series can be shown/hidden with the checkboxes, but the first checkbox hides the data from the data Series 2.

I attached a picture of what it looks like now.

I know it is complicated so let me know what I can clarify.