DEVCON memories

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Well DEVCON is over for me.


High Lights:

  • Excellent facility, good food. Family loved the suite across the way at the Canyon Villas--much nicer than the Cosmopoliton in Las Vegas where they had their hand out for extra $$ every time you turned around. (Cosmo waned a $500 deposit for "incidentals", really?).
  • Good speakers.
  • Really, Really enjoyed meeting up with fellow community members and putting some faces to some names. Appreciated the "thank yous" many of you communicated to me. You are very welcome.
  • Having FileMaker employees look me up and call me a "legend" does dangerous things to my ego, but I appreciated the informal recognition.
  • 360Deploy looks like a third party tool that will revolutionize how we work with our solutions if I can get the Boss to buy it when it is released.
  • The food was great
  • jormond's FileMaker Community Excellence Award



Low Lights:

  • Really missed that extra day and the shorter sessions tended to discourage Q&A.
  • Todd Geist's training session was both a high and a low. I have huge respect for the guy but the shear volume of info marred by technical glitches (missing plug in, having to have everyone patch code as we went...) meant that this was like trying to drink from a fire hose while it flailed madly about the room.
  • The lack of a t-shirt and only two drink tickets, in themselves were a really, really minor low, but combined with the shortened number of days and shorter sessions set a kind of "DEVCON on the cheap tone" that I haven't felt at previous DEVCONs.


Main "take away"

It really reinforced for me that if you have a task that is difficult or impossible in FileMaker, start looking for a tool to integrate with FileMaker so that each does what they are best at. This might be Java Script that you write yourself or a web service that works from code generated by several thousand developers that you use or a plug in or other third party tool, but don't try to build that part of the solution yourself unless you are really sure that one of these other options can't do the job.