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    Third Party Books on FMP16


      Has anyone heard if (and when) any third party "how to" books such as the Missing Manual Series. I really rely on my Missing Manual for FMP14.  I do not remember seeing any books for 15, nor 16 now.

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          That's odd, maybe they stopped producing them.  The author does come to the forums.

          Jaymo always has great stuff:

          Database Pros:Training

          Although I do like an actual book for reference.


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            There's only one reason authors stop writing books on a subject: not enough market/people to justify writing them.


            I threw away my last, now-ancient, FMP 12 book.


            Add to the lack of any reference books (a fairly recent development) that there isn't any longer even an FMP 16 training series from FMI, the company, itself.


            I don't make my living with FileMaker or I'd be genuinely concerned about all these developments and their general direction.

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              "Learn FileMaker Pro 16

              The Comprehensive Guide to Building Custom Databases", by Munro, Mark


              This one out! The snippets I've seen are impressive.


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                It takes a ton of work to write a book! With planned major revs yearly, it's more difficult to get a book out as the product ships!


                The FTS 15 is still available (and free!) Lot's of videos. It's hard to have a book compete with that, too.


                I posted (above) a link to a new 16 book that is out.


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                  fmpdude wrote:


                  There's only one reason authors stop writing books on a subject: not enough market/people to justify writing them.


                  As beverly indicated there is another reason: the rapid release cycle.  I've been involved in the writing of a few books and a lot FTS material.  It takes long time to do and with the 12-month release cycle it is difficult to get the info out and it is difficult for it be relevant for long enough to be worthwhile.

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                    True, but it's been more than two years since FMP 14 (May, 2015), which is the last FMP book I saw.


                    Not having FTS ready now doesn't mean they can't announce a date when it will BE available. Are you aware of any statement that FTS support exists or will be supported?


                    From my perspective, the rapid release cycle isn't worth it if it means you lose up-to-date reference materials and excellent options like FTS.

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                      I saw that one, but it's not due, according to Amazon until October.  And, it's, gulp $49.99?


                      Plus it's yet another....wait for it....."Learn FileMaker" ("Your first script!!").


                      Where are the books for developers with advanced topics who already know FileMaker? How about a book that has advanced uses for cURL, Web Services integration, INSERT FROM URL, writing simple JDBC logc, creating a simple FMP C++ plug-in? Maybe not all of these would be in evan an advanced book, but it would be great if we could get beyond the "Here's what a script is" level books -- at least one book with each version.  I could write an advanced FMP book like this or, better yet, work with another author, but I guess the reason no advanced books for FMP exist is that there's no market for them.


                      Of course, I haven't seen this to-be-released book, but it says "beginner" in the content's description and doesn't seem to indicate it will have anything really that different than past beginner books.

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                        This community and various blogs from professional FileMaker developers have the information you need. Yes, it's a little more work to curate a list of bookmarks to interesting articles, but you save on the purchase price and it gets updated more quickly than most other published works.


                        Books have their place, but they rarely keep up with rapidly-changing information. And while some topics that you've listed are changing slowly enough that a book is a suitable format, there aren't enough of those topics to justify the effort of putting them all together - so they get dealt with piece-meal by people with expertise in the particular area, in self-published media like blogs.


                        Perhaps if these factors change there will be enough economic incentive to create a book full of advanced topics, fully edited and professionally published. My personal opinion is that they will not.

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                          Online tutorials like Lynda.com in my view are no substitute to a rigorous book with lots of good examples. Sure it's tough to write such a book. But, that's what we pay for. FTS? A great resource. Lost in space, apparently. To me, the good news using microservices as just one example, means I have no need to upgrade from 14 to 16 or possibly, we'll see, even later versions until there's something I really need I can't readily do myself.


                          But, I do agree with you in principle. I use FMP unlike many so possibly books full of "Your First Script!!!" are more appropriate than what I'd like to see (and pay for).