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    Combining Data in 2 Tables, Using Total from a Third Table and Hiding Detail in Summary Report


      Hello to everyone,


      I have uploaded my DB to https://goo.gl/Ko5b5F. This is what I'd like to accomplish:


      a) Is there any way to import the data from table "Non Operational Expenses" into "Total Expenses" in an automated way, i.e. I am aware that I can export the data and then re-import into the table I want but what I am looking for is some kind of a trigger that would update Total Expenses every time that a Non operational Expense is added


      b) Field "Total Hours Flown" on layout "Summary" is not working properly. How can it be fixed?


      c) On layout "Detail" I need to hide each record detail under Fixed Expenses.


      Thank you for any assistance you can provide.