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    Automatically Evaluate


      Is anyone else being driven to distraction the way this decides to keep switching itself on?


      We've been working on insurance based reports all week with some pretty complex SQL, upon opening the data viewer to review/test a new or existing calculation within it and having closed Edit Expression with Automatically Evaluate deselected, it has decided to switch itself on again, hence complex SQL evaluating itself and time to do something else like type a question here.


      Personally, I believe this should be in Preferences to set the default as on or off and it should honour this setting. The hit to productivity due to this current behaviour isn't funny.


      Yes, I will be posting this as a suggestion to FileMaker - OK, calculation finished, can get back to work.





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          "Automatically evaluate"? Never heard of that option. Do you mean:


          "Do not replace existing value (if any)" in an auto-enter calculation?


          Have never seen that option change on it's own.....

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            Sorry Phil, did I miss the obvious - FMPA 16 - Data Viewer!

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              On the contrary, seems like I missed the obvious.


              Have you updated with the latest bug fixes? Don't know if that will make a difference, but it's always the first thing to check for something of this sort.

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                Yup on Windows.


                This really goes along with the wish that we could enable or disable entries in the data viewer (in fact the same 'Automatically evaluate' tick box within 'Edit Expresssion' but in the Data Viewer list ) rather than having to constantly comment out calculations and enter a 1 (so it doesn't collapse the new lines into pilcrows), so if working on multiple SQL they don't all try to evaluate at the same time - again, more downtime.


                The way the evaluate switches from off to on doesn't seem to be linked to closing or opening the Data Viewer.