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Discussion created by keiferc55 on Jul 27, 2017
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I have an older version of Filemaker Pro Advanced - I think Pro 5.  I'm trying to track meetings - there are various groups, each group meets weekly, each meeting has various members attending and also various topics with followup needed.  Tables are within the same database:

GROUP MASTER table has the general information about the group (meeting days and times, title,etc) - there is one record for every different group (book discussion, volunteer for event, etc).  They meet weekly or monthly, etc.


GROUP DETAIL table has one record for every time they meet in each group (multiple records for each GROUP MASTER - one for each week).  They are related by group_if field.


GROUP MEMBERS table has multiple records for each GROUP MASTER record - each person who signs up for the group with their contact information.   It is related to GROUP MASTER by the group_if field.),


ATTENDED table has multiple records for each GROUP DETAIL record - general information about each time the group meets (the agenda, feedback, etc).  This table is related to GROUP DETAIL by the group_id and date fields. 


MINUTES table that has multiple records for each GROUP DETAIL record (each topic discussed and followup for each week).  This table is related to the GROUP DETAIL table by the group_id and date fields.  I had to create a GROUP DETAILS 2 table for this relationship because it creates a loop because of using the same fields for 3 files. 

Anyway, I am trying to have one layout to enter the information for the DETAIL table, the ATTENDED table, and the MINUTES table.  I have the general DETAIL info at the top, then a portal for all the people who attended that meeting - with add record capability, then another portal (related to the dummy file) to add or display each topic covered.  That way I can enter everything about each meeting in one layout.  


I already had some records entered from individual layouts.   The ATTENDED portal seems to be working ok but the MINUTES is not.  The first 2 records show everything ok, but after those records nothing displays in that portal - none of the MINUTES are displaying for the rest of the records - they are there in a different layout that displays only those records and the related field are all ok.  Also you can't add any records to this portal - you can't click on any of the fields in the portal (except the 1st two records that display the records,  but you still can't add any).  I have add record capability checked for the MINUTES table in the relationship.  So it works but it doesn't.   I don't know what happened, I tried creating new portals and redid relationships but nothing changes.   I don't knits what to do.