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Synchronizing Data (for Multiple Users)

Question asked by user28222 on Jul 27, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2017 by amsc

Hi everyone,


I have a situation where multiple people are editing price data.


They have a table of prices (which I pull with ExecSQL into a virtual table for each user) with identical rows, as illustrated by the following simple example:









Suppose User1 changes PriceA, and then saves/commits the record.  Meanwhile, suppose User2 has the table of prices open at the same time as User1, and then edits PriceB, after which she save/commits the record.


The problem is PriceA gets reverted to the original record before User1 made the change, as both PriceA and PriceB were fetched before any changes.


Is there a way/technique to have USER2's table updated with the updated PriceA when USER1 finishes editing and saving it?  I would prefer to not have both users editing the table of prices directly(i.e. I want to keep the virtual table approach)?


I guess my question relates to whether it is possible to know via script if User2 is concurrently editing the prices - at least alert User1 that someone else is working on the prices as well?


Thanks as always!