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Duplicate whole record and linked Portal records.

Question asked by craig157 on Jul 28, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2018 by okramis

Hi All,


I am trying to make a button for our Ordering Team to be able to Re-create a previous order.


Now the original order form contains a normal record and then a portal.

The portal contains the 'Part Numbers; and such - whereas the other section contains company name, order date and other generic fields.


Now I've set my script up so it goes from an 'Order History Layout' which is just a breakdown of the Portal section from above.

Script as below:


Set Error Capture [On]

Set Variable [$OrderId; Value:Order_Item::_ORDID]

Show Customer Dialog ["Is this the correct Order ID"; Order_Item::_ORDID]

Go to layout ["Order Details" (Orders)]

Perform Find [Restore]

Duplicate Record / Request.


So far the script does exactly what I need; except it does not pull through the portal records of the record we are duplicating.

Any advice or solutions would be great!