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    WebDirect on a windows 10 pro server?


      For some time now, I have been running my developer's Filemaker Server license on a desktop re-purposed as a server.  Hence, Filemaker Server is running on a windows 10 pro machine (the requirement is for windows server).  However, I have not had any problems running FMS on that machine and using remote connections.


      Until now, I did not require WebDirect & have not tried it previously.  Now that I require WebDirect, I find that it works internally, but not externally.  I am confident that I have my ports configured properly. I can externally connect using Filemaker pro/go with no problems.  A similar configuration on a windows 10 server does run WebDirect properly.


      My question is ... will WebDirect run properly on a windows 10 pro server?


      Thanks ... Steve.

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