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Copy Text to a different table and merge text.

Question asked by sam.gedert on Jul 27, 2017
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I am using CloudMail from 360 works for bulk e-mail management.  To make it more user-friendly for clients I am building an HTML compiler.  I am using the text to HTML custom function from Monkey Bread and a series of other scripts to create the necessary tags for images, tables etc.


To minimize the number of fields I have to create as well as simplify the overall organization, I want to create all the HTML in a series of records in one table (HTML) and append that HTML text into a single field in another table (CAMPAIGNS) for distribution via CloudMail.


Because I need the actual HTML as text a merge field won't work. Additionally, and to further complicate matters, I want to keep the script or other method pretty lightweight because I'm compiling it "on the fly" so users can see  changes / updates as the make them.


Any thoughts, questions or suggestions?


In gratitude,