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Sync Filemaker Updates to Wordpress - best way?

Question asked by webinc on Jul 28, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2017 by Johan Hedman

My client has an FM Db hosted online with numerous users updating it regularly.

We have been tasked with writing a script to sync any changed/added records in the FM Db to corresponding custom post types in Wordpress.


I have looked at 3D Works' MirrorSync, and heard also about other paid solutions, however we prefer to customise this solution and - if possible - use the Wordpress REST api to generate the posts in Wordpress.


What is the best way to call the Wordpress REST api within FileMaker? - Does anyone have any example lines of code, or screenshots showing how it should be done?


If using the Wordpress REST api is still too untested at this time, then we will work with an ODBC connection directly to the Wordpress MySQL Db, and make the updates that way. Does anyone have any experience or thoughts on doing it this way?


Thank you