Latency Issue?

Discussion created by cbohm3 on Jul 28, 2017
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I am having an issue with a customer that I have not had with any others. Want to see if anyone else has experienced. I have a customer with their home office in Maine (they are hosting FM Server 14). They have a location in Bermuda that accesses the server.


The issue I am having is I am having issues with some scripts running incomplete. Script will run all the way through, but a line or two may skip. Example: I have a script that converts a quote to an order. In that script there is a line that set's an id from a global variable. A user may convert several orders in a day, and on one of those that one snippet did not work.


It has been totally random and non-consistent. I work out of Massachusetts and access the same server, and have not been able to duplicate this issue.


Can latency or network issues cause this type of behavior, where a script will run, but parts will not complete? I have never seen this before.


Thanks for any feedback