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    Beekeeping Solution onward.....Equipment


      So i am still working on my Beekeeping solution for tracking and managing my Hives.


      you can see what i worked on previously, here Beekeeping Solution next Question  I have crossed that hurtle and added some stuff to my inspections portals and process [even got a pull weather data into the inspection]


      Now i am stuck and mainly its in my thought pattern i think... I have not actually developed this part in Filemaker - trying to work it out on paper first.


      So i Want to do two things - I want to track my equipment [what hive its in, how much it cost, how old it is, etc] YES, like an inventory system.


      I have a Hive - and in that hive i have three hive bodies

      1. I want to create the Equipment records

                so i create a new record "Hive Body" and there are 4 Hive bodies i have purchased, but three of them are in HIve #1.


      So I have my Equipment table that holds the Equipment - then i need to track those that are assigned and those that are still available.


      I realize that this sounds like a invoice / inventory solution ... i have gone through the sample solutions and even explored the web and i cant seem to make sense of how to formulate the breakdown. and then develop the relationships so that i can keep track.


      2. The other part of this which I am working on is.. when i create a new piece of equipment and say i have a field called "number_of_Frames"

      once i commit that record i want it to auto create [via script] Related Records in the "Frames" table [which will also later be a part of the inspections relation]


      So I add a record in the Equipment - Hive Body that has 5 frames - on commit -> 5 records are created in Frames [related to that equipment "hive Body"]


      if someone can steer me with this... I have figured out some interesting scripting for the weather stuff. Oh, and if this helps I do have Filemaker pro 16 Advanced....

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          Just wondering do you have a way to ID equipment that is no longer usable or no longer have? i.e. a box rotted, a tree fell on a hive, sold, stolen, etc.

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            I honestly have not gotten that far into the various components of fields

            in Equipment table. I would like to have a way to ID equipment no longer in



            1. "Active" equipment

            2. “In Storage" equipment

            3. “InActive” equipment no longer in use or destroyed


            But what i am looking for help with here.. i how to structure the

            relationships between my tables to do this. I have looked at various

            solutions and youtube tutorials  that i thought fulfilled what i want to do

            but i am stuck…


            if my question is not clear i will spend more time tomorrow to write out my

            process clearer

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              You seem to be trying to program you file from the Top down and that doesn’t work very well. It is a common mistake many beginning programmers make. While Top down design is good to show what data you need to get the output you need it not how you program the file. You seem to be working on the output steps without any input data.

              You don’t make a hive by put out the top then add boxes and then add frames and then add the base.

              The same applies to programing you start with the (bottom) basic input data and add steps until you get to the output step. If step need data that you haven’t yet programed for mean you’re working on the wrong step. The human brain is very good at seeing step D and ignoring the fact the steps A, B and C are missing. A computer without all steps is lost.

              From what you describe you need to keep track of every component of a hive.

              You need to start with you basic component list and get it working, then add filling a box with frames and any other subassembles you make and then add the make a hive step, etc.



              A rough list of some things you need.

              Basic supplies/equipment info would include:

              _pk: used to match related data to only one piece of equipment.





              Date received

              Condition received

              Usably(Radio buttons)

              Date put in to service

              Date removed from service

              Condition when removed from service

              Why removed from service

              Date removed from inventory

              How removed from inventory: destroyed/sold/recycled/etc.

              Equipment Type: i.e. is it hive parts, honey collecting, hive maintaining

              Equipment Name

              Equipment ID/Serial Number

              Part of Hive/Box




              Box ID

              Date box made

              frame type(s)

              frame ID




              Hive ID

              Boxes used

              Date hive made

              Date hive placed



              honey yield: related record


              Inspections are of course related but, not part of the main equipment record, because it may have only one inspection or fifty or more during its life.

              Matched by _fk to equipment being inspected.

              Date inspected (maybe timestamp)

              Condition: new/keep in service/remove from service/needs repair/etc.

              Part of Hive



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                Thank you for your comments. Yes I am trying to start at the basic and move out, you're right getting stuck because I am looking at the end steps and getting confused.


                I will post a copy of my working file later so maybe you can see where I am.


                I have the following tables:


                Apiary (hives are assigned to)




                (And several others that are not yet set up)


                The three tables above are already related and work how I want them to. I haven't setup every field and layout item yet. But the basic create/delete/edit work.




                Now working on the equipment part.

                Your description of the inspection to equipment relationship is correct.


                My stumbling block isn't the meat of the fields per say cause I do have a list similar to what you have suggested. It's the relationships to be able to relate the data to the proper parts.




                1. Equipment is added to the table

                2. A record can be associated with a hive or reside in storage (has no hiveid ) and a piece of equipment can be moved to another hive, or be placed as decommissioned


                So it's the relationships of hive to equipment (like an invoice type solution) that I am trying to figure out.


                Then it would be associating the equipment to the inspections. Like you mention below. One box could have 12 inspections while another may have one. But those inspections are a part of the hive relationships


                I hope that makes sense. I and working on the basic steps of creation/deletion and relation. Not so much the full data yet.

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                  It doesn't just "sound" like an inventory system. It IS an inventory system. But it's not a sales inventory system and that's a key difference here. It's an equipment inventory system also known as an asset management system.


                  Just as you might track which employee is issued a computer, vehicle, firearm etc in such a system, you are assigning equipment to a hive or hive component.


                  An an important question for you to answer is whether you care only where a piece of equipment is located (which hive and hive body) at the moment or if it is useful to know where it was in the past.

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                    An an important question for you to answer is whether you care only where a piece of equipment is located (which hive and hive body) at the moment or if it is useful to know where it was in the past



                    Yes I care where the equipment is located at the moment.

                    So Hive#1 - has three "Hive Bodies"

                    I have 6 Hive Bodies in Storage

                    Want to assign three of them to Hive#1


                    Yes I also would be interested in tracking where the equipment has gone. If it's been in Hive#1 and/or Hive#8 etc.


                    If some one can point me to a sample solution similar I probably can figure it out. If I am asking too much here

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                      To assign equipment to different hive bodies in a way that sets up a "history":


                      Create a Join table where you add a new record each time that you install equipment in a hive body. Other approaches that treat a hive body as yet another piece of equipment are also possible, but I think that this will be easier to understand.




                      BodyEquipment Is the join table. A date field can record when the equipment was installed. The join record for a given piece of equipment with the most recent date shows you the current location. Those with earlier dates show the history.

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                        I think I get that ...I will work on a sample solution just to build this

                        relationship structure... I may have more questions as I go...thanks

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                          I remember this beekeeping solution. It was cool.