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Beekeeping Solution onward.....Equipment

Question asked by king_arthur on Jul 28, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2017 by bigtom

So i am still working on my Beekeeping solution for tracking and managing my Hives.


you can see what i worked on previously, here Beekeeping Solution next Question  I have crossed that hurtle and added some stuff to my inspections portals and process [even got a pull weather data into the inspection]


Now i am stuck and mainly its in my thought pattern i think... I have not actually developed this part in Filemaker - trying to work it out on paper first.


So i Want to do two things - I want to track my equipment [what hive its in, how much it cost, how old it is, etc] YES, like an inventory system.


I have a Hive - and in that hive i have three hive bodies

1. I want to create the Equipment records

          so i create a new record "Hive Body" and there are 4 Hive bodies i have purchased, but three of them are in HIve #1.


So I have my Equipment table that holds the Equipment - then i need to track those that are assigned and those that are still available.


I realize that this sounds like a invoice / inventory solution ... i have gone through the sample solutions and even explored the web and i cant seem to make sense of how to formulate the breakdown. and then develop the relationships so that i can keep track.


2. The other part of this which I am working on is.. when i create a new piece of equipment and say i have a field called "number_of_Frames"

once i commit that record i want it to auto create [via script] Related Records in the "Frames" table [which will also later be a part of the inspections relation]


So I add a record in the Equipment - Hive Body that has 5 frames - on commit -> 5 records are created in Frames [related to that equipment "hive Body"]


if someone can steer me with this... I have figured out some interesting scripting for the weather stuff. Oh, and if this helps I do have Filemaker pro 16 Advanced....