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How to sort a file by Month using sub-summary part(s) to get totals of expenses

Question asked by springer01 on Jul 28, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2017 by springer01

In FMP12, Mac, I have a VISA file of all transactions by date and can list them by Category. I can do a FIND by the  t_cat_name: Food to find the 4 Categories: Food_Groceries; Food_Meals Alone; Food_Meals w/ Friends; Food: Spirits. Then, I can Sort by the field d_date.


What I'm trying to do in Sub-Summary parts is summarize the transactions [n_transactions] for each of those Categories by MonthName (d_date) and a Grand Summary for each of the 4 Categories at the end of the report.


Fields I'm using in the layout are:

d_date   Date   Indexed;

d_month_name   Calculation   =MonthName; (d_date); c_MonthSort  Calculation  = d_month_name

n_transaction Number; (amt. of trans)

s_cum_bal.   Summary   Total of n_transaction (running with restart) when sorted by VISA::c_MonthSort


I've tried putting them in 2 and 3 Sub-Summary parts with a final Grand Summary part with the s_cum_bal field in it with no successful result.

What am I doing wrong? Or better, what should I be doing?