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    FMS GoDaddy SSL Cert - vaadin error uploading


      I did so much reading on these forums to prepare for my venture into SSL!


      What is vaadin? You just don't know what you don't know sometimes.


      I got my files from GoDaddy (selected type:other). Thanks, everyone, for the other GoDaddy thread, and especially Mike Duncan who gave link for intermediate cert. My problem is totally different. I can't even upload the files. I get red exclamation point every time I try to upload ANY of my cert files (cert, private key, int cert).


      Screenshot attached.

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          More details:

          FM Server 16 (upgraded from 15 10 days ago)

          Mac OS Sierra 10.12.6

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            I keep embarrassing myself... I get to a point where I can't think of other things to try, post, then solve my own problem. Perhaps someone can benefit from my pain.

            File/folder privileges. I guess after FM16 upgrade, none of the folders in FileMaker Server folder have the user "fmserver" on them. Once I updated the folder privileges to include "fmserver:read-write", I can now import the files. (Have a different error now, so will spend a few hours banging my head until I figure this one out :-)


            As other threads mentioned...hard to be a one-trick pony (FM Only) anymore. FM Developers have to broaden horizons/knowledge to be able to properly deploy.

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              Often posting problems on a forum helps you think of other things to try. That happens to (for) all of us.

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                Vaadin is the platform that FMI uses for WebDirect and the Admin console.  For WebDirect it's what is responsible for translating your layouts into CSS/HTML5/Javascript.


                When you upgraded from FMS15 to 16, did you remove or rename the "filemaker server" folder after uninstalling?  If not then that may have caused the initial issue(s).  There are some files that the uninstaller leaves in that file (because they belong to you, not FMS) so the installer does not completely remove that folder.  Some of those left-over config files can make FMS16 misbehave.

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                  No, I did not remove or rename the FileMaker Server folder after uninstalling FMS15. So, this first post may have led me to an answer to another post I did yesterday...my interactive containers stopped working (for all users) after my FMS16 upgrade for another client. I'll report results back tomorrow.

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                    I'm going to recap my "ssl" experience with FMS16:


                    SERVER: Mac OS 10.12.6 (not a server, config'd as desktop) running FM Server

                    Do NOT have a local DNS Server


                    • Had two bumps during the process, both due to fm server folders not having "fmserver" user access privileges after upgrade to FMS16. (Couldn't create the CSR and couldn't import certs). Fixed.
                    • Already have subdomain with GoDaddy, "A" record exists on GoDaddy which points subdomain to WAN ip address
                    • Created CSR from FMS16 (didn't turn on SSL yet).
                    • Bought Standard cert from GoDaddy.
                    • From GoDaddy, setup cert by pasting in entire content of CSR that FileMaker made.
                    • Did not touch the certs...they were perfect the way they came (after unzip of course). Did not have to go get a different intermediate cert from GoDaddy. Did not combine certs.
                    • In FM Server, turned on SSL/Saved. (may have restarted server...I restarted so many times I lost track)
                    • Imported certs
                      • Cert: the one from GoDaddy with the name that looks like a password
                      • ServerKey: the one I made when creating the CSR (located in FM Server CStore folder)
                      • Intermediate Cert: the one from GoDaddy with "gd_" in the name.
                    • Turned off server, stopped services, restarted


                    END RESULT

                    Local FM Pro/FM Go users get warning message because my cert fqdn does not match my server internally, BUT encryption occurs, and users see a closed ORANGE lock icon, instead of open red one. Once the checkbox is checked that it's ok, the user doesn't get asked again.


                    External WebDirect users see green because the fqdn matches the cert (and my "A" record with GoDaddy). This was my goal. We will live with orange lock for internal users for now. I can now proceed with more WebDirect interfaces knowing connection is secure.


                    There is a lot I still don't know/understand. My custom default html page for webdirect stopped working after ssl stuff. I am not trained/educated about networking, but thanks to the fm community, I was able to get to my goal.

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                      You saved me...I re-installed the client who had trouble with interactive containers after upgrade and after un-install/rename FileMaker Server folder/re-install...everything works now. Thank you!

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                        I had a custom html "home page" for web direct users in the FileMaker Server/Httpserver/htdocs folder. It stopped working after I turned on ssl. I had to move it to the httpsRoot subfolder. All is good now.

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