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    Finding the number of Containers remaining


      Hello All,


      I have this fields these fields


      Material Quantity Received - Number field

      Material Quantity Used -  Number field

      Material Stock - calculation ( Material Quantity Received - Material used)

      Quantity in each Container -  Number field

      Number of Container - ?


      How can I determine the number of containers remaining base from my Material Stock?


      Thank you.



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          How would you do it using pencil and paper?


          What I don't see that I would expect for that calculation is some value that tells me how many containers there are before the material documented in this record is used to fill some of them. From the info provided in your example, I can compute the number of containers needed, but need more info to determine how many should then remain.


          The number of containers needed for the material in this one record:


          Ceiling ( Material Stock / Quantity in each Container )


          This assumes that you keep each container but one filled to capacity.

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            Hi Phil,


            Thank you for the reply, my purpose is to know how many counts of containers are remaining base from my remaining stocks.


            like for example if I received 72 boxes of bottles with 25 counts of bottles inside each boxes. I have 1800 pieces in my inventory. if I issue 113 bottles I need to know how many containers remaining in my inventory.


            Thank you

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              And that is exactly my point. Nothing in your post shows us exactly how to find out that 1800 pieces total nor the 72 boxes total.


              And does "boxes" = Container from your original example? So you need to know the number of boxes that remain, counting a partial box as 1 box?

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                Johan Hedman

                Best way to handle that is to use a table for In and Out going bottles. This will be handled in a Stock table  with three fields.


                ID for Article (your bottle)




                When someone buy one or several bottles from you, create a new record and set outgoing the the number for bought bottles. When you buy for your stock, you create a new records in Ingoing.


                Then in your Article table you just add a Calculated Field with Sum( Stock::Ingoing ) - Sum ( Stock::Outgoing ) .


                To make that work you need a relationshop from Article to Stock based on ID for Article