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Maps in Offline Mode

Question asked by mprythero on Jul 31, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2017 by fitch

I was trying to find a workaround, but have yet to do so, so I am hoping someone here might have an idea or have run across something similar to what I am trying to solve.


In my database I have different fields, for both address and coordinates. I also have a webviewer that uses those fields to display a google map from either the address or the coordinates, this webviewer and its associated scripts were "stolen" from the contacts filemaker template just to give you an idea.


Now, I don't mind switching out the provider of the maps, but what I would like, is the ability to save an image of the maps so that the maps can still be viewed while not connected to the internet, I would like to do this automatically so that I just dont have to worry about it with the massive amount of sites I'm working on.


Is there a way to go about doing this?