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    Possible Corrupt records


      I'm thinking I may have come corrupt records. When performing a "find" I'm having records come up that should have been eliminated during the Find process.  Example, I do a find and intend to eliminate duplicate records, which when making the clone a flag is marked "T" to indicate the cloned record is a duplicate.  When structuring the find, I enter an "=" in the field that had been marked "T", but when the records come up, there are a couple of records that shouldn't be there.  Only a couple, not all.


      How do I clean this up?

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          You may not have done the Find right or you may have a damaged index.


          To rebuild just one index, go into Manage Database, open field options for that field, go to the storage tab and turn off all indexing for the field. Then click OK buttons until you have exited Manage Database. Then return to field options and turn it back on.


          There is also a way to use advanced recover options to rebuild all indexes without making any other changes to the file.

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            Thank you!

            Yes, this did it!