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    How do you Get the Total of 4 Calculation Fields in a Sub-Summary Part?


      In a Sub-Summary Part, I have 4 fields; A, B, C & D (not the real names)

      each of which is a Calculation field; a Sub-summary by Month:

      =Case (category = "A" ; transaction)   [similar for B, C & D)


      I'm trying to find the Function which will produce the Total of the 4.

      I've tried several Functions to no avail, e.g., Sum, Case with no success.


      In the Grand Trailing summary I've been successful in getting the Totals Year-to-date for each of the 4 plus a Grand total,

      the Sum of the  4 using the  Sum Function.


      How to get the Monthly Total of the 4 "Totals for the Month" in the Sub-Summary part for each Month's end

      similar to that in the Grand Summary?