auto enter data depending on age and gender

Discussion created by luffyfilemaker007 on Aug 1, 2017
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Hi everyone,


I am looking to auto-enter a value according to a customer date of birth and gender.


I want to be able to calculate a discount percentage

For example if the customer is over 18 years old then the discount is 5%  if over 65 it would be 25%.

But it should also calculate the months and days. If the baby is only 6 days old then the discount is 90% and if 8 month 80%.

Then I would also be able to give a different discount if the person is a boy or a girl. If 12 years old and girl its 10% and if boy 9%,


The % will never change so I can set up a calculation but I am not sure how to start.


Looking forward to your advises,