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Trying to delete single record deletes entire found set

Question asked by sidetrack_ca on Jul 31, 2017
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I have a popup button that displays all records that match an entry / selection from a drop down field.  The user selects the field from within the drop own and the popup shows all records that match this search.  So lets say two records show up.  You can click on one of the two and that one is displayed in the layout and the record ID reflects that I have selected a single record.  Even the navigation bar shows 1/6 for records. 


Now I want the user to press a delete button and have just that record deleted.  The problem comes into play when the user hits the delete button.  It deletes both records that have the same search criteria.  I just want it to delete the active record. 


Here is my script to delete the active record:


Delete Record/Request [With dialog off]

show alll records

go to Record/Request/Page [ last]


thats it.  Thank you all for your help and guidance its been amazing!