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    Portal row trigger




           I need to set up a trigger when a row of the portal is committed. I didn't find where. Can someone help ?


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          Hi, Andre.


          When modifying data in a portal row (or rows), none of the entries are committed until the 'parent' record itself is committed. There is no independent 'commit portal row' function or behavior. That being said, you can have a layout OnRecordCommit script trigger. Or, perhaps investigate other object-level triggers (some work on fields; some do work on portal rows).

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            You might test OnObjectExit specified for the portal as it will be tripped ehen you move the focus from portal row to portal row.


            You also might choose to edit this data (whether by script or by manual edit) in fields not in the portal, such as in a window (card?) that you open for the purpose. This would allow you to commit the data without committing the parent record and possibly other portal rows that might be open for editing.


            So it depends on what exactly you need to have happen here.