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Is there a limit to how long table field names should be?

Question asked by emannuel_n on Jul 31, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2017 by dburnham

I have a table model for " initial interview questions" and inside the 10-page interview there are questions like "What are the predictors or antecedent events that trigger the problem behavior?". Right now I am using underscores to create a shortened version of the name in the table like "Predictors_of_problem_behavior" but this seems too long. Has anyone run into this problem? is there a better approach to saving interview type questions and answers. I don't want to get too cryptic with my naming convention because there are a lot of questions and answers I need to be able to easily find and reference in the interview and if the question is named " D3, problemB" it will become frustrating. Any thoughts? I am very new to file maker I would appreciate anyone help.