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How to publish database via web on FMS16

Question asked by barabba on Aug 1, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2017 by wimdecorte

Hi, and thank you for support!
I switched to FMS16 from 15.. and many bugs were solved. I' happy with FMS16 but I can't understand how to publish the database via WEB. Her is the situation:


1) Databases are ready and accessible by FMS to FM Pro over the internet
2) By FM Pro I declared all databases in the security option that they should be availabe to all protocols, xml ,php, etc. I checked all. The server actually show all active, as in picture.
3) All possibile options on server's admin consolle and in FM pro (about databases) is enabled, even if not useful, I tried everything myself to make it work.




If I open or the IP address I see a blank page. If I open by FMDroid I can see the databases but inside they are blanks (even the FMServer_Sample, why?). In the manual/help there are thousands of words but not reliable examples and no pictures that explain how to create the web, I think I understoon I've to upload the files from FM Pro to server, actually my database is manually placed on server by copying files, now it says me that database already uploaded and it hasn't anything else to upload.


Questions are:
1) Who is suppose to build up the web pages? FM Pro and transfer it somehow to the server, or the server itself? How can I produce physically the web files?
2) How can I have it available also in xml so the FMDroid can work too?


Thank you really a lot for your help!!