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    Pop-up: Conditional formatting


      I have a pop-up that if a particular formula criterion is met, conditionally formats the colour. However, is it possible to conditionally format the individual values in the list, so, say, item 1, 3, 6-7 get a purple background for meeting a criterion but the others don't?

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          Not with a traditional value list.


          Instead, you could use a popover or a card window to conditionally format values.


          With a popover, you can conditionally format values in a portal.

          With a card window, you can conditionally format values in a list view.


          For either, you'd need a table that houses your value choices. Or you could use a Virtual List table to create the options on the fly.

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            Thanks Martha,

            I've not upgraded from 14 > 16 re. Card Windows.


            I will investigation your suggestions when back on regular internet access!