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Creating a 'map' or schematic on a layout

Question asked by marsdepa on Aug 1, 2017
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Hi Team FM


How do I create a layout that is basically a schematic of a large room layout? To be brief, we need to keep track of  student seating and computer arrangements for a large floor (over 100 desks), At the moment this info is all held in one table, which stores the desk number and service tag of a computer , so all the info is readily available as a list. However I would like to present the info as a kind of simplified map of the room space - split into 3 sectors. For instance the "north' sector would show the name, desk no and computer of each occupant on a simplified floor-plan of the room. Obviously I don't think I can do this on a form as they only show 1 record at a time, and lists can't be manipulated in that way. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.