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Applescript to import CD from itunes and then load into FileMaker Pro

Question asked by DavidTinoco on Aug 1, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2017 by codecruncher

If someone would be willing to help me with this I would be eternally grateful. I do not have experience with Applescript.


Basically, I have built a database that will be a catalog of spoken conferences.


Each conference contains anywhere from 10-20 lectures given on separate days, and there are about 50 conferences.


So essentially, about 500-1000 lectures.


What I would like to achieve, is to insert a CD into the computer. Each CD has meta data thankfully.


I want to click a button and activate a script in FM which launches an Applescript file to:


1. Tell iTunes to Import the CD tracks as AAC or MP3 files to a temp location on the hard drive


2. Import the tracks into FileMaker, each track being inserted into a container file in the tracks table.


3. Finally, read the meta data of the CD and import this into the lecture table, and create a one-to-many relationship to associate the lectures with this group of track records in the tracks table. [This would be done in FM, not applescript obviously]


4. Delete the temp files imported into iTunes to avoid redundancy.


The reason I don't want to use iTunes to catalog these recordings is that you cannot create "Sets" of albums, so I would have 1000 "albums" and what I want to is to be able to see the different conferences and drill down into the lectures of that particular set/conference.


Is this easy to do? Or am I asking for miracles?