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    Containers Offline


      I have a file with a container field.

      The field is set to store contact information is a secure folder


      It is being hosted my FMP Hosting service.


      I downloaded the file.


      I got this:


      Screen Shot 2017-08-01 at 8.05.46 PM.png




      When I open the downloaded file all the images are offline.

      When I push the file backup, hoping that back in it's original location it would find the file, but they remain offline.


      Screen Shot 2017-08-01 at 8.06.17 PM.png





      Anyone have a suggestion?

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          I've just carried out a test using secure storage and having inserted a file into a container field, then moved the files to new locations without the 'Files' folder so the file was missing, then quit and copied the 'Files' folder into the same relative location, the file was available again upon opening the file.


          What is your setting within the 'File:Manage:Containers' menu, is the Base Directories set to '[database location]/Files/'?


          If so, what is the Storage 'relative to' set to within the container field options? Is this set to '[database location]/Files/'?




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            If you take a hosted file and move it offline to be non-hosted and you open it locally / directly in FMP then the RC folder structure is just slightly different.  The easiest way to see it is to create a new record in your local copy and insert a container, check the folder structure of where it placed the file, then move the folder structure for the existing container data to match.


            I can never remember what the exact difference is but my recollection is that is just moving all folders one level up, but the new record test will show you exactly.

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              That was the reason I carried out a quick test Wim, as I'm so used to seeing the RC folder, but with the secure storage it didn't create this folder and the structure is as per the OP's screen shot.


              Not sure why my test worked and the OP's didn't at this stage.