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    Excel Summary Numbers Differ from Filemaker


      Hello and thank you for the help.


      I am having a discrepancy from my summary totals in Filemaker in comparison to Excel? The files I work with are exported from my Company file to Excel and then I import to manipulate the data. Attached is a file showing that the FM is shorting me 199 units in the summary field? Why are the numbers so different?


      I kept thinking I had deleted data and this was the cause for the summary difference. After numerous checks I discovered no records were deleted so I decided to export my information back into excel and compare to the data that was originally imported and discovered this anomaly.


      As an example: FM shows the number 14 as 13.53000000000000469  when clicking in the field.  Excel has the number as 14


      My file shows the numbers I get from FM and the Excel total


      I need a sum of  total cases sold. Am I missing a setting? The difference is quite substantial.


      Thanks for the help