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Video Playback not working with video Inserted by Device with iPhone 6 or 7 in Container

Question asked by taylorsharpe on Aug 1, 2017
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OK, I've done lots with pictures, but I now have a client that wants to import videos from their iPhone.  I thought, no problem because there is a choice in the Insert from Device for Camera Video.  The video properly records and saves it in the container field just fine.  However, I can't play back the video on either the iPhone or a Mac computer (10.12.5) or Windows 10 both with FMPA 16v2.  I've played with the "Optimize for" section of the inspector changing it between Images and Interactive, but it doesn't seem to matter.  I noticed the video is a .MOV file which makes me think it is Quicktime.  It seems that we are getting away from that format and maybe that is why it does not play.  But it is the default format I get from the iPhones we try it on and I don't see an option to change the file format to say H.264, etc.


Is anyone else able to use the camera to insert video into a container field and get play back in the container field?


We can live with this if not because we can export it on a computer and play the video, but it sure would be nice if it was good to go in the solution, particularly on the iPhones since that is what they are primarily using.


Any suggestions would be appreciated.