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Connection Licenses - Alternatives?

Discussion created by Andy Hibbs on Aug 2, 2017
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This raised its head again last week, and again today, within 2 projects that FileMaker WebDirect and FileMaker Go would be perfect for, but both may never happen due to the price of licenses for quick or infrequent connections.


Our own example initially involves between 100 and 200 iPads with FileMaker Go installed that are likely to synchronise with FileMaker Server for a minute or so once or twice a day. This could then scale up within the industry, but FM Licensing for Teams would be a non-starter with initial connection costs alone of between £8500 and £17,000 and some degree of nervousness regarding concurrency, despite the 3 x cost per connection, being under the label of 'legacy' licensing.


We acknowledge FileMaker need to make money out of licensing to continue to deliver their great product, but there must be a case for a duration restricted lower cost concurrency license connection for occasional synchronising from FileMaker Go and WebDirect for data collection and a full price continuous connection license for administrative workers. This could easily be controlled by FM Server and help kick start many projects that never see the light of day, further expanding the sales of full connection licenses; every system that has occasional connections made requires management and admin teams to be connected throughout the day.


I hope to hear other ideas along these lines, or whether you completely disagree with the above and why. Also, if you do have a project that FM Go and WebDirect would be ideal for, but the connection licenses prohibit it, please contact your local FileMaker sales team and give them the example. If we can't feedback examples, then FMI have no reason other than to believe we're all really happy as it stands?


Constructive comments only appreciated please, the ranting about license changes happened with the introduction of v15, but it would be good to reflect on this and see what ideas appear.


Many thanks